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I'm Umang Sharma, a graphic designer located in Bangalore. I specialize in brand communication and have a diverse range of skills that include branding, banner design, and social media graphics. Additionally, my experience in apparel design for various brands has given me the ability to create a unique design language that stands out. I am confident in my expertise to bring fresh and effective visual solutions to any project.

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Digital design

What I do


Brand Communication

I have helped brands optimize their Amazon and Walmart listing and brand pages to drive cross-selling opportunities and enhance brand loyalty. I have also implemented a strategy of regularly posting on Amazon to increase engagement with our brand followers. My experience in e-commerce and branding allows me to bring a valuable skill set to any project.



I specialize in creating cohesive and impactful visual branding elements such as logos, packaging, and marketing materials. I have a strong background in designing brand packages for clothing brands, including hang tags, trims, and lookbooks. My experience and attention to detail allow me to deliver top-quality designs that effectively convey any brand's message and personality.


Social Media

I plan and develop visually impactful content for various platforms. I understand the importance of design in building brand recognition and creating content that resonates with a target audience. My experience and passion for design allow me to deliver engaging and effective content that helps elevate the brand's presence on social media.


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