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Myntra Summer Beauty Page

When I developed the summer beauty page, my main objective was to create an elegant, contemporary, and user-friendly interface that would improve the user experience. To achieve this, I incorporated product category recommendations to assist users in finding the products that best suit their preferences quickly.
To embrace the summer theme, I utilized a color palette inspired by sun, water, and plants, giving the page a fresh and lively vibe that will undoubtedly resonate with our target audience. Additionally, I have ensured that the content and images are inclusive by including both men and women.
To further enhance user engagement, I have incorporated a quiz section titled "know your skin type." This element will encourage users to participate and interact with the page, improving engagement and creating a more enjoyable experience.
Lastly, I have included a variety of product rack layouts to showcase the assortment of products available. This addition will keep users interested and provide a unique and exciting browsing experience.

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